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A page featuring our privacy policy.

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Privacy Policy

This policy explains how personal data from visitors to is handled and how we comply with international data privacy laws.

1. Use of Cookies

  • We do not make use of cookies.

2. Information Provided in Contact Form Entries

  • The information you provide is used to address your contact form request and to relay information regarding the goods and services that we offer.
  • Upon submission your details are emailed to the person responsible for dealing with requests and are deleted once the request is dealt with.
  • The details and information that you send via our contact form or email address will not be shared with any third parties.
  • If you have any queries relating to how your contact information is stored or used, kindly contact us.

3. Compliance

  • The privacy policy above details how we comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which came into effect in May 2018.